The Study On The Improvement Of Water Supply For The Zarqa District, Jordan

HIC has provided technical assistance to Tokyo Engineering Consultnat Company for the study on the improvement of the water supply system for Zarqa District in the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan. For this project, HIC carried out the following consulting services: Collection of all the available data about the drinking sources in Zarqa District; evaluation of the water resources condition of Amman – Zarqa Basin within the study area; HIC carried out a comprehensive plan for water quality monitoring survey from the major water supply, water reservoirs and pumping stations as well as the house taps within the Zarqa District . Evaluating the results of the four water-sampling campaigns conducted during this study for the drinking wter quality; preparing water quality report within the Zarqa District and recommendations.
Client: MWI, Zarqa District, Jordan

Water Conversation Systems Installation And Monitoring In Amman/Jordan.

Installation a trial water conservation devices. 186 selected sites as hotels, commertial sites, restuarants faucet areators and other puplic locations.
Auditing the results survey were conducted after three months to vrify the water cosumption deficit .
USAID funded project as a subcomponenet of (Water Resouces Conservation And Pollution Protection Of Zarqa River /In Jordan)
Client: USAID

Design And Installation Of Environmental Monitoring Equipment Recording Stations In Sewaqa Dam Area

The hydrological study on the dam showed that the annual rainfall reaches about 2.5 million m³, but the restoring capacity reach about 1.5 million m³ in Sewaqa Lake.
HIC has made all the hydrological and geological studies of the Sewaqa dam
Client: MWI, Jordan

Study On Brackish Groundwater Desalination In Jordan

Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
We drilled test wells in Jordan Valley for the study on brackish groundwater desalination in Jordan
Client: JICA for MWI, Jordan

Shajarah H2S Removal System-Jordan: Design, Supervising System Manufacturing And Preparation Of Operation Manuals

Client: Shajara Municipality, Jordan

Study And Evaluation Of Surface And Underground Water In Zara And Ma’in Areas

The study area situated in the northeast of the coastline of the Dead Sea and extends about 30 kilometers from north to south and ranges in width from 4 to 18 kilometers. Amman is located 55 km to the north east of the study area.
HIC has provided all hydrological and hydrogeological assistance for Arabtech - Jardaneh Consulting Engineers in this project.
Client: Arabtech - Jardaneh Consulting Engineers

Ramtha NO3 Removal System/Water Supply

Design, supervision NO3 removal system, 200 m3/hr, including operation manuals and trouble shooting instructions.
Client: Ramtha City, Jordan

EIA Study For The Tourism Development Plan In Jordan

Ministry of Tourism/Jordan In cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
HIC has provided technical assistance to Nippon Koei Engineering commissioned by JICA. 

EIA Study For Somya Touristic Village Project

The EIA study has been carried out for Somya Touristic Village Project according to the first environmental protection law (instructions for development/tourism projects) submitted to General Corporation for Environmental Protection (GCEP) (now Ministry of Environment)
Client: Somya Touristic Village

EIA Study For Metallurgical Factory/Zarqa District

The EIA study has been carried out for Metallurgic Industrial project according to the first environmental protection law (instructions for industrial projects) submitted to General Corporation for Environmental Protection (GCEP) (now Ministry of Environment)
Client: Metallurgical Factory/Zarqa District

Capacity Building Project/Palestinian Authority, CH2M HILL/USAID

Training of Palestinian Water Authority’s staff on O&M in 2002. The Capacity-building program included preparation of a training programs for water supply system in mechanical, electrical and operation and maintenance fields.
Client: Palestinian Authority

Monitoring Assessing And Quantifying Damages On Groundwater Quality In Jordan UNCC Compensation Project/Water Resources Study/Jordan

HIC Constructed four groundwater models for the major four basins in Jordan, Yarkmouk Basin, Amman-Zarqa Basin, Mujib Basin and Azraq Basins. Processing modflow transport model PM5 were used to simulate the ground water salinity increase for the year 2015. Historical data and field data were collected for calibration and models updating purposes.
Client: General Corporation for Protection of Environment (now Ministry of Environment)

Water Well Drilling & Integrated Water Management Systems

HIC has provided services for designing, supervising integrated water management systems. Numerous number of water well drilling services where provided for private sector water well site investigation, tendering, water well design, supervising Drilling operations, well development till wastewater reuse systems , the services has been provided for different – educational, industrial, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, touristic, and agricultural bodies
Client: Private Businesses: Coca Cola, Jordan Fisheries, National Poultry, Jordan Poultry, Zarqa Private University, Marwa Bottle Water, Hammodah Diary , Nuqul Industrial Complex, Philadelphia University, Applied Sciences University, Iyad Hashem Olive Farm, Petra University, Hammoudah Dairy 

Water Resources Management Plan In Jordan JICA/Yachiyo Engineering

The study was funded by JICA. Hydrotech carried out the study in collaboration with Yachiyo Engineering. The project duration was 2 years (2000-2002). The study carried out a detailed plan for water resources management and water allocation for the year 2025/Study on Water Resources Management in Jordan. The project conducted pilot ground water transport model for north Mujib basin/Jordan. The model covered 8000 km2; the model simulated the ground water salinity, NO3 increment with time as a pollutant indicator. Different scenarios were simulated to reach the ideal condition for prevention of groundwater deterioration for the year 2025.
Cleint: JICA/ Yachiyo Engineering 

Time Critical Hydrological Data Acquisition And Transmission (EU)

Designing, supervising /water resources monitoring stations installation within Regional Pilot Project /BRLi/ French consultant/For Time Critical Hydrological Data Acquisition And Transmission. Supervising the construction of Parshall flume weirs; installation of telemetrically operated of runoff gauging stations, hardware and software. The project was funded by EU.
Client: Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan 

Surface Water Monitoring System (JICA) Higher Council For Science And Technology

HIC In cooperation with Yachiyo Engineering Designing, conducted supervision for the construction of 13 monitoring gauging stations on major water resources in Northern Jordan supervising the installation of hardware and software for 13 advanced water quality/water quantity monitoring units on major water sources and wastewaters. The study was funded by: JICA/ Yachiyo Engineering.
Client: Higher Council for Science and Technology, Jordan 

Nassiryah Power Plant Biofouling Engineering Assessment Iraq

A study was conducted in the causality of macro-biofouling in the power plant of Nassiriyah /Southern Iraq CPA Order: ABV01-03-M-0085.
Euphrates water fauna, physical and chemical prosperities were examined and cooling system was monitored to identify the casualty of Macro befouling phenomena in the plant intake and condensing system. Picture below shows the Befouling in the power station intake system.
Client: Nassiriyah /Southern Iraq

Rehabilitation And Expansion Of Water Network, North Jordan Valley

The project was funded by JICA. The leading firm was Yachiyo Engineering /Tokyo. Hydrotech international participated in the field/office data collection, groundwater evaluation, surveying and GIS drawings for the existing water supply network system. The project aimed at improving and expanding the network system to provide services for all inhabitants in the northern and middle Jordan Valley and to replace the existing asbestos piping system with ductile piping and to evaluate the existing groundwater resources.
Client: Jordan Valley Authority

Nuqul Industrial Complex Deep Well Study

A detail study was carried out to drill a deeper beside the existing water well for tapping deeper aquifers to insure reliable sustainable water source for the industrial complex
A groundwater model using Processing Mudflow (PM5) for deeper aquifers with different scenarios
The study shows the feasibility of drilling deep well comparing with present and future water industrial tariffs.
Client: Nuqul Industrial Complex  

Amman City Map

Amman City map project/ a GIS –internet directed commercial project. The project aimed at locating all commercial and social bodies on a base map of Amman and to make accessible on the internet to all internet users.
The map was constructed using recent remote sensing images for the city.
Client: GAM

Bathymetric Survey/Iraq

HIC has carried out bathymetric surveying works. Works were carried out pre and post dredging activities to calculate the quantities that has been excavated in River Euphrates/Iraq at Nassiryah power plant site to solve the recommended Biofouling problem. CPA project No: DABV01-04-M-2135
Client: Government of Iraq

Study Rehabilitation And Expansion Of Water Network/North Jordan Valley

Prepared a GIS map for the existing water supply network system GIS Application
Client: Jordan Valley Authority

Water Resources Assessment Seyoun-Tarim Area-Yemen

Assessment of groundwater conditions for three water supply well fields in Wadi Hadramout in Yemen
Client: Government of Yemen 

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, Darna/Libya

This task was to design wastewater treatment plant for Darna city in Libya, the capacity of the plant was 35,000 m3/day, the treatment system was activated sludge/ extended eration system. 2007
Client: Government of Libya

Al Sirat Roof Tile Factory And Clay Mine Site Selection

We investigated the occurrence of Roof tile clay in Jordan, clay investigation, factory and mine site selection. Investigation for roof tile using satellite imaginary to select the most promising sites, sampling the sites and carrying out needed chemical and physical analysis to identify the clay properties, selecting the most suitable site for the mining and following up the needed actions for licensing the elected sites.
Client: Al Sirat Roof tile factory and clay mine site selection, Jordan

Water Treatment System Compact Unit/River Water Treatment Design

Supervised system manufacturing and preparation of operation manuals for 5 water treatment units 200 m3/hr/each / Ramadi Iraq
Client: Ramadi City, Iraq 

Sampling Campaign For International Reuse Master Plan, KSA

Sampling campaign including outfalls of main wastewater treatment plants in KSA, International Reuse Master Plan in KSA.
During this sampling campaign, Our engineers proved the pollution point sources affecting Saudi Arabia beaches, especially the pollution with phenols, 270 samples were taken from 20 places including coastal cities like Jeddah, Khobar and Dammam, the sampling mission performance was distinguished regarding the time and areas covered.
Client: International Reuse Master Plan, Saudi Arabia

Domestic Wastewater Sludge Treatment At Ain Al-Basha, Jordan

Domestic wastewater sludge treatment studies done in Ain Basha Wastewater treatment plant. Our experience in wastewater reached pilot plant studies and new practices proving as done with wasted sludge dewatering in Ain Elbasha wastewater treatment plant, lime rying technique were tested successfully
Client: MWI, Jordan

Dammam Sewerage Treatment Plant Overflow

Assessment of New Discharge Outlets For The Overflow simulation to the Gulf area From Two Sewerage Treatment Plants Located At Dammam And Al Khobar In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia./2006.
Dammam 1st Plume 3D COD
Client: DAMMAM City, Saudi Arabia

Water Treatment System RO Unit Design

Supervised preparation of operation manuals for several Reverse Osmosis water treatment units capacities ranges between 10-500m3/hr/each/Jordan and Iraq
Client: Several private businesses and households, Jordan and Iraq 

Jaar-Zinjibar Water Resources Assessment/Yemen

A water supply project funded by Germany/KFW in 2007 contracted by the German Dornier Consulting as part of Water Supply and Sanitation in Provincial Towns Program II (PTP II) LOT 1: Project Towns of JA’AR and ZINJIBAR Detailed Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and Construction Supervision/ Hydrotech Carried out Water Resources Assessment Report including detailed design and preparation of tender documents for drilling new water supply wells.
Client: Government of Yemen

Water Resources Assessment Seven Cities Water Supply System For Design -Yemen

Assessing water resources for water supply systems at 7 cities in Yemen, including groundwater modeling and water quality assessment ad improvement
Client: Government of Yemen 

Tripoli Green Zone Water Resources –Landscaping Study, Libya

Developed water resources and landscaping design for green zone in Libya
Client: Government of Libya

Study Of Rainfall Harvesting Libya/ Green Zone Area Development

Client: Government of Libya

Wadi Al Ger Water Assessment And Development Study, Yemen

Water resources evaluation of Al Ger Area in Yemen, A One year project study funded by the International Islamic Bank in Jeddah to evaluate the water resources in the area and finding practical solutions to solve the ground water depletion issue. The study includes geophysical survey, topographical survey, groundwater assessment study, designing new water well system and preparation of tender documents.
Client: Government of Yemen

King Fahd Medical Complex Groundwater Rising Problem

The 8-month project study was done in association with Al-Rae Saudi company. The study aimed at identifying the water rising problem in the vicinity of the King Fahd Medical complex in Dhahran. 20 observation well and 5 test wells were drilled in order to collect data about the aquifer properties. The area was modeled using MODFLOW PM7. The study aimed at finding an engineering solution for the existing problem and to carry out design and tender preparation issues.
Client: King Fahd Medical Complex, Saudi Arabia

Study On Recharging Shallow Aquifers By Reclaimed Water In Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia

Five recharge and observation wells were drilled to run a recharge test for the shallow aquifer in Riyadh Area. The testing results were used for groundwater simulation to verify the aquifer recharging ability and basin hydraulic properties.
Client: Greater Riyadh Area, Saudi Arabia

Reclaimed Water Strategy For Greater Riyadh Area, Saudi Arabia

18 Month project study in association with Al-Rae Saudi company. The study were conducted to select the best routs for reclaimed water distribution systems for costumers in agricultural, industrial and services fields. The study included a survey for all costumers and costumer projections for the year 2040. Reclaimed water costs were calculated and water pricing system were proposed.
Client: Greater Riyadh Area, Saudi Arabia

Dhahran King Fahd Military Hospital RO System Design Supply Installation,

Saudi Arabia. A 1200 m3/day RO system
Client: Dhahran King Fahd Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia  

Landfill Leachate Recycling System Design, Wastewater Treatment Units Baha /KSA

A 150 m3/d, Wastewater treatment package unit 200 m3/day and reuse system for labor camp in Madina Monawara
Client: Madina Monawara City, Saudi Arabia

Local Agenda 21 In Territorial Planning In Energy And Waste Management: Observatory Assessment For Irbid And Tafila Municipalities

Client: Jordan Environment Society, Amman, Jordan, on behalf of ENPI CBC (The European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument Cross - Border cooperation)

Technical Translation Of Jeddah Environmental And Social Master Plan/Management Plan


Water Resources Investigation Studies For Two Oil Shale Concession Areas In Southern Jordan, (Isfir Mahata & Wadi Abu Hammam) Maa’an Area, Jafr Basin

Client: Geological Consultancy Center GCC (Amman , Jordan) for INTEK on behalf of Global Oil Shale Holdings GOSH (USA) & Whitehorn Resources Inc. (Canada)

Comprehensive Environmental Auditing Study for Al-Bayan Aluminum Factory

Client: Al-Bayan Aluminum Factory, Al-Qastal Industrial Park, Southern Amman, Jordan

Study of Livestock of Four Rangelands Reserves in Jordan

Client: Jordan Ministry of Agriculture

Study of Wildlife of Four Rangelands Reserves in Jordan

Client: Jordan Ministry of Agriculture

Study of Vegetation Cover of Four Rangelands Reserves in Jordan

Client: Jordan Ministry of Agriculture

Supply of Environmental Measuring Equipment

Client: USAID/DAI-Jordan Workforce Development (WFD) Project

Climate Change (Mitigation And Adaptation) Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Client: United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) (UNEP-DTU Partnership) for Jordan Ministry of Environment

Development of a White Paper and Organizing a Synergy Workshop on the Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for the Promotion of Green Entrepreneurship and Grassroots Ecological and Social Innovations in Jordan

Client: UN Environment – Mediterranean Action Plan, Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) 

Implementation of Coaching Initiatives, a National Study on Financing for Green Enterprises and the Organization of a Public Event titled “Green Start‐ups Meet Investors” – Elevator Pitch.

Client: UN Environment – Mediterranean Action Plan, Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) 

Comprehensive Environmental Auditing Study For Jabal Al-Mukkaber Protein & Animal Feed Factory

Client: Jabal Al-Mukkaber Establishment for Protein & Animal Feed Factory, Hallabat Area, Zarqa Governorate, Jordan.